Security Cameras & Appliances & Access Control,

Be In Control

Keep ’em Safe. Keep ’em Honest. Anywhere. Any Time. There are many kinds of Security…and we cover them. Know what’s going on.  From building to Perimeter protection. Data and Network protection too. Silent Notification, Hidden Cameras, License Plate Recognition, POS integration. Solutions for every business and residence imaginable.

Video Security


Indoors and outdoors…even in difficult climates and hard-to-access locations. Upgrades to existing systems for far higher image resolutions.  Additional storage.  Intercom. Smart-Phone Access.  Today, there is no reason for you to NOT know what’s going on!

Access Solutions

Basic building access control and Secure Entry is still needed to provide protection for your building, equipment…and people. Acorn is proud to deploy DSC, Optex, and Kantech solutions for new construction and retro-fit projects. Our systems utilize both wired and wireless devices.


Acorn will be happy to refer you to some of the largest monitoring companies in North America to provide  24/7/365 monitoring and alerting.  Or…you can self-monitor with instant notifications from video servers, controllers, and other devices…right to your Smart Phone.

Data Protection

When you connect to the Internet or an email application, don’t risk your business data or productivity. Acorn Technologies is partnered with WatchGuard Security to provide industry leading FIREWALL / SANDBOXING solutions. AND we’ve developed excellent training programs for you and your personnel. Let us help you stay SAFE.