Phone Systems, POS, PA, & Ancilliary

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Call. Hear. Transact.  Install new or upgrade your existing phones, speakers, PA, video displays, conferencing, or POS for FLEXIBLE and RELIABLE performance for years and years. Acorn Technologies is affiliated with leading manufacturers that have dependable, long-lasting, reasonably priced equipment that will work for you with minimal attention after the initial deployment.

Phone Systems

VoIP - VoIP takes the control…and many related monthly fees…away from the TELCOs and puts control into your hands. Adding lines or phone extensions quickly, easily. Add a handset at your home…joined right to your office system! Lose the LONG DISTANCE charges!

Acorn is proud to be partnered with NexMatrix to offer you small, medium, and large-scale VoIP solutions that work with desktop phones and handsets from almost any manufacturer! 


Analog – We can troubleshoot your existing phone system repairs…even for old, antiquated systems. We can REPLACE your existing system that has become obsolete. Again, the systems are easy to manage and the desksets and handsets are terrific looking…even fun!

PA, School Bell & Intercom

Acorn is happy to diagnose existing commercial PA (paging/speaker) systems and (of course) install new speakers and amps using equipment from manufacturers such as Bogen, Valcom, SNOM, Peavey, and Altec. We can assist with Zone-Paging, Music, and interfacing into Analog and VoIP telephone systems.

Old school bells not working? Speakers not working on the loading dock? Intercom scratchy? If you are having trouble with older mechanical systems, we’re happy to try to find replacement parts and service procedures…or retrofit components from manufacturers such as VisiPlex, Linear, and GrandStream.

POS & Time Clock

We’ve worked with some of the largest POS system suppliers in the world…but we’re equally comfortable with helping you setup or troubleshoot your existing POS needs. From Front-of-House terminals, registers, printers, PA and displays to back-of-house servers and time clocks, our techs can install, modify, upgrade, and troubleshoot to keep your operation running.