IT - Network, Server & Computer Site and Remote Support

A Full Staff...


At a FRACTION of the cost - YOU can have your own IT staff that KNOWS your environment. Respectful. Knowledgeable. Discreet. Responsive. Proactive.  Networks, servers, cabling, security, email, APPs, data and desktop support since the 80s.


Since it all started around 1995, Acorn has cabled, connected, configured, and done the troubleshooting for more networks than we can remember.  From Wells Fargo to US Bank, WalMart to Target, Holiday Inn to Motel 6,  Subway to McDonalds…we’ve been repeatedly invited back to deploy, upgrade, expand, configure, fix, and secure just about every type of network of every size.  From Cisco, Watchguard, SonicWall, and Fortinet Firewalls to Intellinet, Dell, and HP routers and switches…well…you get the idea!


We’ve been building and deploying industry-standard data, application, video, and email servers for two+ decades.  For cost, stability, and overall cost effectiveness…your own server can put you back in control of your data, productivity, and security.  Mammoth organizations trust Acorn technicians with their servers and networks…and so can you.

Desktop Support

You can turn to Acorn for spot support or level-cost monthly maintenance; you can have the rapid, hands-on support that you deserve. Right price. Right now.

Bench Repair Services

Other shops send customers to Acorn for Bench Repairs - so should you. Laptops desktops, tablets, servers, drives. From diagnosis to upgrade (including transfer of data and programs – yes, PROGRAMS) we’re very proud of our services and individual attention you’ll receive. We’ll even tell you when it is more cost-effective to replace something rather than repair it. 

Remote Support Services

You can’t always anticipate when something is about to go wrong…and you REALLY can’t always wait for a technician. For those times, we can Remote In to your desktop or server and (very often) repair your issue right now at a fraction of the cost of a service call. Better yet – how about a Preventative Plan…we have a variety of plans for Remote Service…all incredibly low in cost…and we’ll bet one of them fits you. Special discounts available for Non-Profits, Schools, and Churches.