Cabling and WiFi

Wired / Wireless

We’ve moved data, voice, and mass video over all types of copper, fiber, and coax. We GET connectivity. From pulling to certifying to troubleshooting, If you have to move ANY technology between two points (or more), inside or outside, we’ve done it. On time. Affordable prices. Quotes or Cost Plus…whatever best suits your project.

Wiring and Fiber

Acorn carries miles of wire of MANY varieties and sizes. We stock a large selection of junction boxes, connectors, pipe, and suspension materials. We have switches, routers, and modems and plates and inserts (jacks) and other connectors of all varieties in stock. Malls, motels, military posts, industrial shops, banks, government building, schools, airports, and on and on. We’ve wired them up.


We’ve successfully interconnected wireless / wifi data and video links of over a mile. We’ve interconnected parks and hotels, schools and courthouses, museums and clinics. Acorn is outfitted with APs and bridges and controllers in stock including both 2.4GHz and 5GHz devices.

We're also well experiences with bandwidth management, throttling and capping, Splash Pages and Terms and Conditions, Landing Pages, and Failover...and on and on...


We’ve custom interconnected specialty industrial devices that require wire and connector modification and adaptation.