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About Us

Technical Experience

SInce the 80s, we've been keeping up with technology to support data and production, communications, and connectivity, and media.  Our technicians constantly read, train, and test and have numerous certifications and credentials from a variety of  institutions and manufacturers.

High ROI

Does a significant portion of your budget go to equipment and maintenance? Many companies find that full-time commitments to technology tear into their budget. By outsourcing your technology management to Acorn, you can focus on what you do best--running your business - at a fraction of the cost of supporting technology staff or deploying do-it-yourself projects.

Taking Care of YOU

The world of technology is fast-paced and can be overwhelming.  Many times, business owners don't know what to believe and wonder if they have the whole story.  Our goal is to provide you with accurate and complete information and tech support...and the experience to back it that you can make informed choices.  Anyone can get customers the first time...we want you to come back!


Hardware Sales and Support

We've aligned ourselves with some of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers and resellers in the world to provide you with the best available products, warranty, and deployment planning and engineering available.  

We're affiliated with organizations such as Kenwood and Harris-Tate, Wilson and Uniden, HP and Dell, WatchGuard and Ninja, HikVision and DSI, Dish and DirecTV, EnGenius and Ubiquiti, and NexMatrix and XBlue...and many others.

Soft Services

From planning to programming to troubleshooting, we're set up to help you before, during, and long after a rollout of equipment and services.  We are there to support you whether it is in person or over the Internet or phone...and we will continue to be well into the foreseeable future.

Research, Planning, and Budgeting

It is almost impossible for the average business owner/manager to keep up with technology...we know...we  try to do so every day.  And while we can't know everything, we do work at researching industry trends, manufacturer plans and announcements, and information from others in the vast field of technology.  We are committed to making sure that what we tell you is accurate and timely.

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